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For this week's blog to celebrate World Museum's 150th anniversary, Curator of Botany Geraldine Reid is here to tell us how the massive 'Plantastic!' exhibition has been going.
Plantastic! definately seems to be fantastic at World Musem! After a rather intense few months of work leading up to the opening it’s great to sit back and see the museum bustling with plant related displays.
Giant purple inflatable flower on a balcony

Giant inflatable flower outside World Museum

However, because of the weather the botany team has not been able to sit back and relax! Every morning and night we need to venture out to put on and take off the frost blanket on the living plants outside the museum, which are arranged to spell out: Plantastic. Our dashing about seems to be keeping our early morning visitors suitably entertained. They've been watching as we run up and down with the billowing frost blanket, which takes off in the wind or is sometimes frozen so solid we can’t bend it to pack it away! But it's worth it if we can keep our Plantastic! flower bed safe from the cold weather that we’ve been experiencing.

The giant inflatable flowers are also a resounding success. They really lift your spirits when you spot them growing out of the balconies as you walk across St Johns Gardens. The children really seem to love them.

I've also enjoyed looking down and seeing people interacting with the plants in the atrium as they are milling around. It's so important for people to get up close with plants to see the amazing shapes and forms they exhibit.

The main exhibit itself has been an incredible draw. Poor Colly Flower (our story teller) was losing her voice she had so many excited children visiting her in her shed in half-term week for stories on plants. She was looking a bit like a wilted leek at the end of the week!

The giant colourful interactive displays in Plantastic! are brilliant fun even for grown-ups. I really enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and playing in the musical forest. If you haven't been to see the exhibition yet then come along, it's great for plant lovers of all ages!