Can Liverpool beat the curse?

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The New York clipper moored by the Maritime Museum before the start of the race in September 2005

The latest news from the Clipper 2005-2006 round the world yacht race is that the New York Clipper crossed the line to win the New York to Jersey leg of the race this morning. This will boost their position on the leaderboard, and could cost the Liverpool Clipper their podium position of 3rd place overall.

After racing 3070 nautical miles across the Atlantic the crews will have a few well-deserved days off in the Channel Islands this weekend. Liverpool then have a chance to catch up in the final stage of the race, which sets off from Jersey on Tuesday 25th July and arrives back in the Albert Dock on Saturday 29th July.

In the ten year history of the race only one clipper has ever won a race into their home port, a phenomenom known as the home port curse. Lets hope that Liverpool beat the curse and return home triumphant.

Win or lose, after an incredible 10 months of racing almost 35,000 nautical miles around the globe, I expect all the crews will be celebrating their achievement in completing the race. There will be lots of events to welcome them back to terra firma, including a packed weekend of activities at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.