Can you help us to fill an important gap in our First World War archives?

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We need your help in filling an important gap in our archives. Here's Karen O'Rourke, Curator of Social History at Museum of Liverpool, to explain: "Museum of Liverpool has a fabulous exhibition about Liverpool people in the First World War, but when I was putting together the exhibition, I realised that we didn’t have any material about the local Black and Minority Ethnic community. It concerned me that we were effectively missing a chunk of the local population and when I was given the opportunity to suggest potential First World War projects that could feature in Museum of Liverpool, it was my first choice!
"Liverpool has one of the oldest BME communities in Europe, in some cases reaching back ten generations, yet photographs of Black First World War soldiers in local archives are incredibly rare."
"We will be launching a project next month at the Museum of Liverpool, aimed at encouraging local Black families to research their First World War family histories. We want to collect the research and memories we uncover to fill this obvious gap in our archives. Then next summer, as part of a larger Liverpool Home Front exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of the war, we will celebrate the contribution of BME Liverpool families to the war effort. "I want to introduce myself as the curator in charge of the project. If you know people who would be interested in taking part in the project, you can help us to publicise our workshops, or you think that your organisation would like to be involved in the workshops, please do contact me, my details are below. "We will be starting a Facebook group page to help support the project shortly which we hope to link to lots of other websites and will be holding a series of research workshops in local venues from November to January – please check our website at for regular updates on upcoming events." Karen O’Rourke Curator – Social History Email: Telephone: 0151 478 4065