Can't get Kylie out of my head!

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black-footed rock wallaby

I must confess, I was a little tired this morning after dancing, singing myself hoarse and generally getting over excited watching Kylie perform the last date of her Showgirl Homecoming tour in Manchester yesterday. Words couldn't describe how thrilled we were that the postponed concert was rescheduled, so I'm expressing my joy through this suitably antipodean picture of a black-footed rock wallaby, photographed in the wild by Clem Fisher during her Australian adventure last year.

Fans of Ms Minogue have another treat in store, when Kylie - The Exhibition opens in the V&A in London next month. Is it sad that I'm looking forward to seeing Charlene's overalls from Neighbours almost as much as her designer frocks?

Did you know that Kylie performed at the Liverpool Empire quite early on in her career? The occasion was captured by Echo photographer Stephen Shakeshaft, who showcased some of his best celebrity pictures in the exhibition Shooting Stars at the National Conservation Centre a few years ago. Read his entertaining reminiscences on the exhibition website.

We might not have any of Kylie's fabulous clothing here in Liverpool, but you can see designer clothing from the last forty years in the Inspiration display at the Walker.