Capoeira Club starting soon

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Capoeira demonstration

Now that we're well into January I bet you've heard the phrase "2012 is the year I'm going to get fit" many times over from different people - perhaps you've even said it yourself. Putting those good intentions and new year's resolutuions into practice can be easier said than done though, as it's hard to motivate youself during the dark days of winter.

If this sounds familiar then the International Slavery Museum's Capoeira Club could be just the thing you need. All ages, levels of fitness and abilities are welcome to the friendly classes led by Daniel Baird - whether you have an interest in martial arts, dance or acrobatics or just want to try something new.

Education manager Vikky Evans-Hubbard is hoping to start the club on Saturday mornings, 10am-12noon, when enough people have signed up. So please ring 0151 478 4456 to register your interest, or email Vikky using this contact form.

Vikky explains the history and appeal of Capoeira:

"Capoeira was originated amongst enslaved Africans in Brazil in the sixteenth century, as a form of self defence. Disguised as a dance to escape the attention of the plantation owners, Capoeira has developed through centuries to a complex art. To ensure its survival, the traditional forms were infused with a new musical accompaniment. Capoeira's deadly potential was hidden by its dance like elegance, baffling acrobatics and the engaging rhythms of its music. For the enslaved, Capoeira was a literal and symbolic means of survival. It became a tool of escape and defence, making freedom attainable and affirming strength, self reliance and self esteem. Capoeira has expanded beyond the borders of Brazil and is growing rapidly in other countries becoming popular in America and Europe. Capoeira appeals to many for many different reasons. First the pure beauty of the art is hypnotic. Capoeira is a dance and a fight. It's not only a combination of gymnastics, dance and martial arts but also music, culture, history, knowledge and playfulness."

Update 31/01/12: The date of the first Capoeira Club will be Saturday 3 March 2012. Places are still available so get in touch using the contact details above if you would like to give this a try.