The Cathedral That Never Was

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You may remember that during Architecture Week in June Sam wrote about the incredible Lutyens' model which is to go on display in our exhibition ‘The cathedral that never was’.  Sir Edwin Lutyens' model of his magnificent design for a Catholic Cathedral is to go on show at the Walker Art Gallery. Construction on the actual building started in 1933 but only the crypt was built. The outbreak of the Second World War and the resulting lack of funds put a stop to it.

John Thorp the younger sitting on the model at the 1934 RA exhibition, CJ Studios

The Lutyen's model on show at the Royal Academy exhibition in 1934.

The Conservation Centre has taken 13 years to conserve the giant model and this will be the first opportunity to see the breathtaking interior fully-restored. There are plans to show photographs and memorabilia but there is one key item that we are trying to trace. Keeper Julian Treuherz wants to display one of the tin collecting boxes used to raise money for the Cathedral Building Fund. You can see one of these in the Metropolitan Cathedral crypt – but we would like an additional one to accompany our exhibition. If you have a collecting box, or any other artefact connected with the Lutyens' Cathedral, Julian would love to hear from you. His colleagues working on the new Museum of Liverpool are also collecting memories and stories about the Cathedral, including the laying of the Foundation Stone and the building of the crypt. If you can help, please contact Julian Treuherz at the Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EL. You can find out more about the exhibition on the website.