Chocoholic moths

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Worrying news for chocolate lovers is that a tiny Asian moth could potentially devour entire crops of cocoa in Papua New Guinea, one of the world's main chocolate producing nations. Confectionery giant Mars are currently testing anti-moth measures to solve the problem.

A demonstrator holding 2 stick insects

Get up close to insects in the Bug House

Insects may be tiny but they can have an enormous effect on crops - it's estimated that one third of the crops produced in the world each year is lost to them. However, insects are also excellent pollinators and are vital to most of our food crops, flowers, fruit and many other plants. Read more fascinating facts about insects in the Bug House pages on World Museum Liverpool's webpages. You can also find out how to make an insect-friendly garden, to attract species that will help wildlife flourish.

If you visit World Museum Liverpool to see the Bug House you can satisfy any chocoholic tendencies in the fair trade shop downstairs, which has a range of fair trade chocolate. I don't think they serve moths though.