Cold Stores & Ice Factory

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Image of Albert Dock Warehouse and tugboat

Merseyside Maritime Museum building from Canning Half Tide basin, c.1911, reference PR.588.

If you come down to the Merseyside Maritime Museum today, well, to be honest, we're not looking that great.  As part of ongoing conservation work on our lovely 1846 built warehouse, the front of the museum is being covered in scaffolding. When the scaffolding construction is complete our Estates Department will be putting up some signage to explain what is going on (which I'll need to read).  In the meantime here is a rather interesting photograph from our collections at the Maritime Archives & Library. Taken around 1911 is shows the building when it was a cold storage warehouse.  It may not look like it, but it is the front of the building, taken from Canning Half Tide basin, so the shed in front, the building on the roof and the built in section in the middle are all long gone.