The coolest water cooler ever?

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Water coolers across the country have been in great demand this week as we guzzle our way through the heatwave. But our discomfort pales into insignificance when it is compared with those whose survival depends on attaining a supply of fresh water. 

A brilliant partnership between cooler company AquAid and Christian Aid means that 30 pence from every bottle of water sold goes directly to water-related project in Africa. Since it began in 1998 it has raised £1.6 million.

June McDonough receives the certificate

Today AquAid director David Phillips bobbed along to the World Cultures Gallery in World Museum Liverpool to present us with a certificate for our small part. He said, "National Museums Liverpool have saved the lives of hundreds of people and for this we congratulate them."

June McDonough from Office Services received the certificate and was quite rightly thrilled to bits. She said "It's great to think that through this scheme we are helping others to drink fresh water and doing our bit to make a difference".

Well said!