Countdown to Shipwrecked opening

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graphic of a shipwreck on a desert island

Museum staff can find themselves doing all sorts of funny things in the name of making a living. Take for example the people who have been furiously working away this week to get the Shipwrecked exhibition ready in time for the opening tomorrow. When I popped in yesterday, somebody was hoovering what looked like a sandy beach. I suppose even desert islands need to be kept neat and tidy.

The people with the most unusual job however were probably the shipkeeping department. Normally they earn their living by conserving and caring for the ships and historic vessels in the collections. However, they were asked to make a wreck as a centrepiece for this exhibition.

The wreck has been beautifully constructed from scratch - to paraphrase the movies, no historic vessels or animals were harmed in the making of this production. A very fine wreck it is too, as visitors to the Merseyside Maritime can see when the exhibition opens, from 15 July 2006 to 20 May 2007.