Creating our own Derby Day

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Recently we updated the blog with news of how filming’s going for our football immersive experience Kicking and Screaming in the new Museum of Liverpool, and now it’s your chance to get involved.

Two young actors

TJ and Charlie, two of the young actors who appear throughout the film in the Kicking and Screaming football immersive

A film about football in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without an insight into ‘Derby Day’, and soon we will be recreating our very own with the help of reds and blues across the city.

It’s true to say that football can unite, but many families across Merseyside are split down the middle, with some members supporting one team, and others pledging allegiance to another.

At least two days a season, this division can really catch up with us, as Liverpool and Everton go head to head in a Derby game. Rivalry is fierce, tensions high, but nothing quite matches up to the anticipation and exhilaration of a Derby game, and if you’re on the winning side (and I’m pleased to say I was recently) the sensation of a Derby victory is really quite something.

So, reds and blues, we are offering you a chance to be part of a really exciting project that demonstrates our mutual appreciation and true passion for the game, in recreating a classic scene in the build up to a Derby, of walking to the match.

If you’re interested in taking part, we will be filming on the evening of Monday 1 November at a location in Liverpool to be confirmed. Reds and blues of all ages can get in touch with Katie Louise Brown for further information on how to get involved by emailing or calling 0151 478 4069.

The film will feature in the Museum of Liverpool for some years to come, so we can’t have recent strips or names of famous players on show. Retro strips, scarves, hats and non descriptive clothes are fine, and it will be cold so wrap up warmly in hats and scarves of your team colour.