Creative writing on the waterfront

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man teaching a group of children Creative writing workshop with John from The Windows Project With the opening of our latest exhibition, On the Waterfront, the Education team thought it would be a fantastic idea to use the imaginations of local school children to produce some pieces of creative writing inspired by the fabulous history of our city, river and docks!  ‘On the Waterfront’ takes you on the 300 year journey from the world’s first commercial wet dock in Liverpool in 1715 (known today as the ‘Old Dock’) right up to the current  construction work on Liverpool 2, the new deep water terminal.  With all the wonderful images and objects, stories and memories, we were sure that some amazing work could be produced. school children looking at an old brick wall Exploring Liverpool's Old Dock So last week, Year 6 pupils from St Vincent de Paul Primary School in the city centre visited the museum and took part in some of our staff-led activities to really get those creative juices flowing! They were taken on a guided tour of the Old Dock where the story of Liverpool began - you can see from the photo some were equally fascinated by the stalactites and trying to catch the drips! Then came our hands on activity 'All hands on deck', where they could try their hands at some of the jobs carried out at the Albert Dock during its heyday, like lifting and loading cargoes.  A tough job when every instruction was given by hand signals by the fearsome ‘man in the hat’! children using ropes to lift a large sack in a museum demonstration All hands on deck! At the end of this busy day they finished off their visit by working with our freelance writer, John Hughes from The Windows Project.  All of the children were very engaged with his activities and created a modern day nursery rhyme about the Old Dock! John will be following this up by working with the children back in school in the coming weeks, resulting in a selection of the children’s work appearing on the museum’s website.