Credit crunch art - and film posters!

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photo of a boy and cat inthe pose of the Life of Pi film poster

Image courtesy of Empire magazine

I love this fantastic recreation of the Life of Pi poster, spotted on the Empire magazine facebook page. The cat's face makes it for me - I think if I asked my cat to pose like a tiger to recreate a film poster then she would look at me with exactly the same expression! This reminded me of our own Credit Crunch Art project, in which we asked people to create their own versions of art from National Museums Liverpool's collections. We have had some fantastic entries, which you can see in the Credit Crunch Art Flickr group. Below is my homage to Gainsborough. We haven't had any entries with pets yet - could any talented dogs out there recreate this Briton Riviere painting from Sudley House, I wonder? Have a go and add your Credit Crunch Art to our Flickr group, we'd love to see it!
contemporary photo of a young girl copying the pose of a woman in a painting