Crumbs! We're all going cookie for biscuits and cakes

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a selection of tempting cakes from  the Maritime Dining Room

Like many people, this summer and autumn we were all hooked on the Great British Bake Off. The series may be over for another year, but we were all very excited in our head office when our talented team of chefs at the Maritime Dining Room gave us the chance to try our hands at being Bake Off judges ourselves, by sampling some of the cookies and cakes that they serve up for visitors. We're always happy for an excuse to turn on the kettle and drink lots of tea but with a mini hamper of cookies, millionaires shortbread, carrot cake and chocolate fudge cake to sample, this time we had a true business reason to brew up and tuck in.

We did our best Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry impressions (although with all the biscuit-y puns going round the office we were perhaps more Mel and Sue) and are pleased to announce that all the baked treats passed the morning tea break test (a tough one!) and were delicious.

Our feedback to the chefs at the Maritime Dining Room on their delicious hamper of goodies was:

  • The chocolate chip cookies were delicious, a great balance of crumble and chocolate chip.
  • The chocolate fudge cake was heavenly, enough said!
  • The millionaires shortbread was perfect, sweet, rich with lashings of caramel, can we have more please...
  • The carrot cake was exactly as described, light, moist and well disguised as a healthy alternative too - well it contains carrots!

Don't take our word for it, try them yourselves! We'd definitely recommend a relaxing afternoon tea to take the stress out of  a hectic day of Christmas shopping.