A cultural Valentine's Day

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Couple in front of painting 'Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion' runs until 5 June. Photo © David Jones Do you want to do something special and a little different for your Valentine? It'll come as no surprise that we believe our museums and galleries make a wonderfully romantic date but in case you need a little more convincing here are 6 reasons why... 1. The Walker Art Gallery is currently packed to the rafters with romance and passion. 'Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion' opens today in time for Valentine's weekend and comprises some of the most stunning depictions of love and adoration that you could hope for. 2. What could be more romantic than pondering the universe and the endless possibilities of space with your loved one? Planetarium shows at World Museum explore the myths and constellations of the night sky. Sit back, hold hands and enjoy the celestial journey. 3. Serenading a potential Valentine is not an approach for the risk-averse but if you think you have the voice to make your date swoon then the Museum of Liverpool could be the best place to spring a surprise on him/her. Our Wondrous Place gallery explores Liverpool’s rich creative history which of course includes more than its fair share of musical heritage. We have our very own karaoke booth with tracks from Liverpool legends for you to croon to! House and garden Sudley House, Mossley Hill 4. How about impressing your other half by sweeping them off to a treasure trove of British Art hidden away in leafy Mossley Hill. Sudley House is a great place to get off the beaten track and enjoy some stunning art. Impressive works by big names like Turner, Gainsborough and Romney reside in this quiet part of the city. 5. Maritime history may not be the first thing you think of as a Valentine’s treat but we would ask you to look again! The Maritime Museum tells remarkable tales of Liverpool’s heritage as a port and gateway to the world. Look hard enough and there are plenty of romantic themes and objects, such as this wonderful decorative anchor. Traditionally tokens such as this would be made by sailors for their loved-one at home. 6. The Lady Lever Art Gallery opened in 1922 and was dedicated to the memory of Lever’s wife, Elizabeth. As demonstrations of love not many of us can compete with gestures on this grand scale but luckily the gallery’s beautiful collection is free and especially lovely to meander around on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy an outstanding collection of Victorian art and explore the fascinating story of one man’s passion for collecting.