Cunard and Queen Mary: then and now

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Collection of china on display in museum Cunard china on display in Life at Sea gallery.
Everyone at the Merseyside Maritime Museum welcomes the arrival of a very impressive and grand visitor to Liverpool. Cunard’s Queen Mary II docked at the pier head landing stage in the early hours of this morning. It’s the first time in forty five years that passengers can sail on a Cunard liner from the Pier head waterfront. Pulling up at the lights during my commute into the office, the QM2 dwarves the neighbouring buildings and certainly has the wow factor with her classic red funnel. The museum has a very fine collection of china and tableware which relates to the first Queen Mary (1936-1967) which was at the time the largest and fastest ship in Cunard’s fleet. She was certainly remembered as the grandest belle of the sea. On display in the Life at Sea gallery we have tableware which was supplied to Cunard by Stoniers Ltd. of Liverpool. Stoniers supplied fine china to major British shipping companies for over a century. Life at Sea also exhibits other objects from Cunard’s long association with Liverpool. Follow the below link for the museum’s maritime archives ‘Cunard Queens’ online exhibition.