Cunard jigsaws display

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old jigsaw with picture of a cruise liner

Jigsaw of RMS Queen Mary, issued to mark her launch in 1934. Accession number MMM.2010.26

Curator of port history Ben Whittaker has news of a quirky new display in the Merseyside Maritime Museum:

"We've created a new display in the Life at Sea gallery to mark the arrival of two Cunard liners to Liverpool this month. Cunard's new flagship the Queen Elizabeth arrived in Liverpool last Thursday, and the Queen Mary 2 is due this Thursday. 

It's great to see Cunard Liners back in Liverpool, and the new display looks back at some of the older Cunard Liners, depicted in five spectacular jigsaws, including the one shown above. These unusual objects are rarely displayed due to their sensitivity to light.

The display also features a pennant from the QE2, one of a number made to mark the end of QE2's service. It was presented to the Lord Mayor of Liverpool by John Prescott, on behalf of Cunard, at a special concert at the Anglican Cathedral on 3rd October 2008.

On the Merseyside Maritime Museum's website you can also see the Cunard Queens online exhibition, featuring material from the Maritime Archives and Library."