Cunard Staff display

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In honour of this year's 175th anniversary of the first Cunard sailing from Liverpool, we've changed the display outside the Archives Centre on the second floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Under new display panels that highlight our large and varied collections from Liverpool shipping companies, we've filled the showcases with items that show the range of jobs that Cunard employed people to do.   The Cunard staff display shows that it wasn't just seafarers, there were shipboard printers, hundreds of clerks and managers, naval architects and an entire Upholstery Department for fitting out and maintaining the furnishings of the ships.  The display even includes a letter to the man who helped write the Cunard telegraphic code book, along with a copy of the incredibly thorough code.

Lead image: Ticket for the 26th Cunard Staff Dinner, 1924 (reference DX/1851 part of)