Dancing in Time: The Ties that Bind us - Hannah Lynch (Girls Don’t Sync) mix

Listen to this new mix by Liverpool DJ and one quarter of Girls Don't Sync, Hannah Lynch, inspired by LR Vandy's large scale outdoor artwork - Dancing in Time: The Ties that Bind us.

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People throughout history have used dance to break free from oppressive systems; from carnival masquerades to spirit dancers in the African diaspora. London-based artist LR Vandy's new outdoor artwork, entitled 'Dancing in Time: The Ties that Bind Us' pays tribute to this history. The 4.5-meter-high rope sculpture evokes a dancing female figure. Its commanding presence on Canning Dock is a tribute to the central role Black women have played in keeping traditions alive and binding communities together.

It’s common that artists and musicians inspire each other. As dance is so central to the ideas of Vandy’s work, we asked DJ Hannah Lynch to respond by creating a mix inspired by the sculpture. 

Hannah is a Liverpool-based DJ and part of Girls Don’t Sync. This all-female group of DJs, producers and curators are bringing much needed inclusivity and energy to underrepresented dance floors worldwide. 

Hannah has curated a one-hour mix looking at Black origins of dance, with a particular spotlight on strong Black female artists

Hannah Lynch:

As a Black female DJ from Liverpool, I have been honoured to work with the International Slavery Museum to curate music for artist LR Vandy’s new outdoor sculpture that holds symbolic and historic importance around women who have used dance to break free.  My aim of the mix was to take the audience through a journey of freedom and strength, I was able to use a mix of tracks which included strong, powerful black females within the industry with focus on black origins of dance.  Knowing the history of artist LR Vandy and all of the amazing projects she has worked, on I felt really inspired and loved every minute of creating the mix.


LR Vandy:

This is such a good mix, it's taken me down memory lane and had me chair dancing to the old and the new! It's amazing for me as an Artist to have a creative talent like Hannah actively responding to my work. It will forever be associated with my sculpture and my time spent in Liverpool...I have a soundtrack! Thank you so much.