David Beckham goes on show

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image of a woman looking at a wall-mounted screen showing a video of a man sleeping

David by Sam Taylor-Wood; commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery with the support of JPMorgan through the Fund for New Commissions.

I don't usually go for blonds and I don't usually go on appearance alone, but for some reason all that goes out of the window where David Beckham is concerned. He so fine! And now you can gawp to your heart's content under the pretext of bringing some culture into your life. Just skip down to the Walker Art Gallery, nod sagely and say things like 'interesting use of light' and no one will be any the wiser (other than the crowd of other gawpers that is).

Joking (and drooling) aside 'David' is a wonderful video portrait of a super star sleeping, created by artist Sam Taylor-Wood. It was shot in a single take following a training session at Real Madrid. It goes on display at the Walker tomorrow but is only on loan until the end of January so best make use of your Christmas holidays.

More details on the piece, Sam Taylor-Wood and Becks himself can be found on our main site.