Daybreak at the Museum of Liverpool

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Daybreak filming at the Museum of Liverpool Daybreak filmed at the Museum of Liverpool today The Alzheimer’s Society launched a report today that highlights the need for communities to become more dementia-friendly. A dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected, supported, and confident they can contribute to community life. ‘Building dementia-friendly communities: A priority for everyone’ shows that one in three people (35 per cent) with dementia surveyed only leave their homes once a week and one in 10 get out just once a month. For the first time, an economic analysis commissioned by the charity shows that dementia friendly communities could save £11,000 per person per year by helping people with dementia to remain independent, stay out of care for longer and have a better quality of life. Here at National Museums Liverpool, we’re doing our bit to help Liverpool become a dementia-friendly community through our House of Memories programme. We show how a museum can provide the health and social care sector with skills and knowledge to enable access to untapped cultural resources within their locality. It’s a great example of how many organisations around the country are helping people to live well with dementia, and ITV’s Daybreak chose to come to the Museum of Liverpool today to highlight the work that we do. You can see our Executive Director of Education, Carol Rogers speak briefly to Katy Fawcett from Daybreak on the programme's website at 17:10 minutes, and if you want to know more, visit the House of Memories webpage for details.