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red cream soft heart christmas decoration Stately Home Heart Decoration, £5 available online and from Lady Lever Art Gallery

Three festive themes for decorating this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and whether your decorations are going up now or you’re waiting until the last minute, you can't deny it's exciting choosing which bits and pieces you're going to decorate the tree with. Many people choose their Christmas decorations based on the style of their home, or simply pick a Christmas theme or colour each year. Often part of that is choosing decorations that complement each other, something that our buying and merchandising team know a lot about. They have the fun job of sourcing decorations for our shops and often work with suppliers who offer collections of themed decorations, where each individual piece - from baubles to candle holders - works together to create a look for your home that really makes an impact. Here, our retail team explains more about how to put together your own themed look... Traditional peacock fairy feather glitter decoration Peacock Fairy Christmas Decoration, £10 available online and from Walker Art Gallery and Lady Lever Art Gallery Prefer a more traditional look? Our retail team have got you covered with a collection inspired by English stately homes. This sweet Stately Home Heart is a soft and padded heart-shaped decoration embroidered with an opulent bird design and the simple message 'Merry Christmas'. It looks great when paired with the Stately Home Printed Ball! Red, cream and gold is central to the traditional theme but the look is also complemented by wooden decorations such as this cute rocking horse. Glamour Scousers are famous for their fabulous style and many of us carry this through to decorating our homes - so why not make our trees look as fabulous? Achieve a unique look with our decorations designed by Gisela Graham, from our dramatic peacock to our delightfully chic hummingbird. And don't forget every tree needs something on top! Grab this Peacock Fairy - with glittered wings and a feathered skirt, she will be the centre of attention! We love the intricate detailing on the fairy’s face and her glamorous hat and gloves.   reindeer metallic christmas tea light holder Reindeer Tea Light Holder, £3 each available online and at Walker Art Gallery, Museum of Liverpool and Lady Lever Art Gallery Metallic The great thing about metallic Christmas decorations is that their reflective style makes any lights and candles in your home twinkle and stand out, creating a warm winter feel which will suit your home. We offer an abundance of silver and rose gold pieces that can be paired with one another to create a modern, shimmering look. Adorn your tree with these Rose Gold Snowflakes and light up your fireplace with these Reindeer Tea light Holders. The shine of metallic decorations is often reminiscent of snow and ice, an effective look when it comes to decorating for the festive season. From delicately carved nativity sets to modern three dimensional snowflakes, view our Christmas decoration collection online here.