Destination Space starts with star gazing

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Jon Marrow, our Senior Education Manager tells us all about the start of Destination Space:

"I can’t wait for our next star gazing evening at World Museum at 6pm this Friday 23 October. It’ll be special because it is the first event of our wonderful new Destination Space programme which celebrates the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake, going into space. Tim blasts off on 15 December and will spend six months carrying out scientific experiments and repairs on board the International Space Station.

What I’m hoping is that conditions will allow us to see the Space Station itself soon after 7pm on one of its 17 daily orbits of the Earth! It travels at an unbelievable 18,000km/hr but that still gives us a few minutes to see it! We are really lucky to have members of local astronomical societies present at the evening so there’ll be lots of help for people like me who are not used to using astronomical telescopes.

They will offer expert advice on how to use the telescopes and help to understand what is visible in the night sky. The evening is designed for all ages, and we’ll have a quiz and craft activity for younger visitors to do as well as looking at the heavens. If the visibility isn’t so great there’s always our planetarium and we’ll have monitors set up linking to websites where you can find out about the International Space Station and track its many orbits, as well as to explore the night sky online. And you can find out all about Destination Space. All in all it promises to be an excellent and unusual evening out."

Lead image: Stargazing at World Museum