Dig at the dock - day 4

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I realise I told you last week that the dig was starting on 4 January but there was a bit of a delay, so today is officially day 4 and already we can see something. Archaeologist, Mark Adams, fills us in (as opposed to excavating the dock...never mind)

the large dressed stones of a dock wall can be seen in amongst rubble where tarmac has been removed

The top of the south wall to the entrance lock is exposed.

"Removal of the tarmac to expose archaeological deposits has continued this week despite frequent bouts of heavy rain and strong winds. Much of the upper surface of the entrance lock has now been exposed and some of the iron fittings for the lock gates are also visible. Work on revealing the surrounding quaysides is now in progress and has already found structures such as bases for cranes and basements belonging to dock buildings." You can see another photo from today, plus other dig photos, on our Flickr page.