Digital Aesthetic 2 at Preston

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digital image including famous London landmarks

eBoy, London

I always enjoy a trip to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. Anywhere with quirkily named displays like 'Madder Modes' (looking at the hidden meanings of wearing red, with help from some gorgeous frocks and Vivienne Westwood shoes) and 'Stuck up and Downtrodden' (decorative Victorian and Edwardian tiles) really is my kind of place.

Their latest exhibition, Digital Aesthetic 2, which explores contemporary artists' use of digital technologies, is so big it has spread into 3 other venues in the city. I started my visit with a trip to St John's Minster to see Vince Briffa's 'Playing God', an interactive video installation in which you control the decisions of a girl looking for her lost cat Tini. It sounds simple but it had a group of us completely hooked and baffled as we searched in vain.

Over at the gallery itself the main room is dominated by three huge pixelated cityscapes by eBoy. The tiny image above really doesn't do justice to the impact they have when you first walk in. I also played the most intellectual game of Space Invaders I've ever seen, courtesy of Thomson and Craighead.

There's lots more but I'll leave you to explore it for yourselves. And if anybody finds that cat please put me out of my misery and let me know it's OK.