Discover new surprises in our advent calendar

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cartoon style illustration of a Christmas scene with Liverpool landmarks Strictly speaking I don't like mentioning Christmas until December, but this year I can't help myself as I'm so excited about what's in store behind the windows of the rather lovely National Museums Liverpool advent calendar. As usual, the advent calendar will be featuring lots of different objects from our collections, however we have chosen a slightly different theme this year. In previous years we have had themes of Christmas, winter and more recently childhood games and toys. If you enjoyed these you can revisit some 'ghosts of Christmas past' - or highlights from previous advent calendars - in our Christmas online exhibition. This year we have chosen a broader theme of 'hidden treasures' from the collections - the objects, documents, artworks and photos that visitors might not normally be able to see in our museums and galleries. This could be because they are too delicate for permanent display, they could be recent acquisitions, or maybe there just isn't currently room to show them. The new theme means that for the first time we have included something from every single museum and gallery, including the International Slavery Museum and the Border Force National Museum, which have not been as well represented in previous advent calendars. While the Christmas theme wasn't compulsory this year, our curators have found lots of new festive treats to share with you, including some quite original and quirky Christmas images. I don't want to spoil any surprises, but algae has never looked so good. We hope you enjoy this year's advent calendar, and don't forget you can find out everything you need to know about Christmas at National Museums Liverpool, including free events, gift ideas, dining and our seasonal opening times, on our Christmas page on the website.