Don’t be fooled by fakes

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Seized! counterfeit display, including the new fakes Seized! counterfeit display, including the new fakes. Can you spot them?

For every genuine item that exists, there is a counterfeited replica. As soon as a ‘new’ product enters the market, the counterfeiters are never far behind to cash in on what we desire. Counterfeiters have no limits; they span all industries from clothing and electronics, to toiletries and prescription drugs.

Border Force officers work to seize fake products before they reach consumers.

The Seized! gallery displays some of these latest seizures from Heathrow airport. On trend is the fake NutriBullet. A closer look reveals it has no warranty, there are small spelling mistakes on the packaging and in reality the blades would probably only last a few months before snapping.

Other items seized include a replica London 2012 gold medal, infringing the Olympic trademark; MAC cosmetics that were found to contain a high level of mercury; a poorly made baby Totseat; Bobbi Brown cosmetic brushes - that are often infested with lice - and fake prescription drugs coated in road marking paint.

We’ve probably all at some point bought a counterfeited item unknowingly, most likely bought online. The internet is a prime market for the counterfeiters. We are unable to physically inspect an item, and can be deceived by glossy images and seductive prices. It’s so easy for the seller to disappear once they have our cash with no offer of an after sales service or a guarantee. Generally, if you think it’s too good to be true, it usually is and you will generally get what you pay for.

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Lead image: Fake Nutribullet