Don’t buy pants, buy ants!

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We’ve had a bit of a revelation here. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Yes – it really is February and the snow is here so warm your cockles with a dramatic loving gesture.

Before you nip off to the florists and get stung for an overpriced bunch of flowers or buy the wrong size lingerie, feast your eyes on our romantic ants.  That’s right – I said romantic. For these particular leaf cutter ants are carrying not leaves, but rose petals.

Ants carrying rose petals

Aww ... our ants come over all slushy

In all seriousness – what could be more romantic than sponsoring an ant and declaring your love to the nation by naming it in your sweetheart’s honour. Like ‘Mrsfluffywuffywabbitkins’ or ‘Jane&John4eva’ or something. And what's more, it will get published on our website for all the world to see!

There isn’t a Valentines gift in the world as versatile as an ant – and if you’re still not convinced by the wonder of  ants then get up close and personal with our flickr pics. Go one - give in to the lurve bug. You know you want to.

PS. You need to sponsor your ant by midday on Tuesday if you want the certificate dispatched in time for Valentines day. And don't forget to email with your ant name and the posting address when you've completed the online bit!