Don’t get scammed this season

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The displays in the Seized! gallery in the basement of Merseyside Maritime Museum highlight the issue of fake goods, or counterfeits.

These images show some recent counterfeit goods from our collection. They may look like things you’d want to receive as a Christmas present, or buy for a gift - but don’t be fooled! For every genuine item that exists there is a counterfeited replica, as soon as a ‘new’ item enters the market the counterfeiters are never far behind to cash in on the products that we desire.

headphones with 'fake' stamped across them

Counterfeiters have no limits; they span all industries including clothing, electronics and toiletries. Counterfeit items constantly change to reflect contemporary trends so it’s important to us that these changes and trends are documented through our display cases and our handling collection.

There is a much darker side to counterfeited goods, which are usually low quality with no safety standards or guarantee, having been made in poor working and production conditions. For example, fake cosmetics have been  found to contain a high level of mercury. Counterfeiters do not pay taxes or VAT and this is damaging to legitimate businesses. Profits from counterfeited goods often help to fund the world of organised crime like child labour, drug dealing, people trafficking.

So how to spot a fake? Generally - if you think that the price of something is too good to be true, it usually is and you will generally get what you pay for.

Find out more about protecting yourself from fakes this Christmas at Seized!

designer bagg with 'fake' stamped across it