The door is closing on the 'House'

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In the past I’ve been accused of being dizzy. I can’t think why, I’ve only walked into a lamppost once and set fire to my sleeve twice. However even the dizziest person can’t miss the giant banner on Dale Street opposite Municipal Buildings. For those of you that haven’t seen it though, the banner is by artist David Jacques who created the work to celebrate author Robert Tressell, who died in Liverpool in 1911.

Jacques also created a piece of art work specifically for the Walker Art Gallery. Although the banner on Dale Street will be there throughout 2011, the piece in the Walker Art Gallery will come off display next Wednesday 25 May.  So if you haven’t seen The Irlam House Bequest yet perhaps you should head to the Walker soon.

Although the work in the Walker is smaller than the banner, it is no less impressive. The installation is inspired by the history of trade union banners and the entrepreneur George Tutil, whose workshop dominated banner production in the nineteenth century.

It’s a beautiful display of work and well worth seeing. So my advice to you is 1) Steer clear of lampposts, 2) Keep sleeves away from naked flames 3) Visit the Walker to see The Irlam House Bequest before it finishes.

Handpainted lettering on old leaflets

A sneaky snippet of 'The Irlam House Bequest'