Dublin streetview

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The Queen is making an historic state visit to Ireland this week.  This image of Westmoreland Street (we think) in Dublin dates from 1895 and is from our collection of records relating to BICC (British Insulated Callenders Cables) the company formed by the 1945 merger of the Prescot based British Insulated Wire Company and the Erith based Callenders.  The collection contains a large number of photographs from many different places recording work carried out by the company, Callenders in this case.  I have to say that for me the main interest is not in the cable laying work, although I like the half hearted safety barriers, but all the general city life caught in the photograph.  The horse drawn carriages and the city gents.  We don't know what the cables are being laid for, but Dublin's newly electrified tram service started running on this day in 1896.
Lead image: Westmoreland Street (?), Dublin, 1895 BICC/VII/2/11/5 (crop)