Egypt up close

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people handling artefacts

Looking closely at amulets and discussing the imagery and intricate detailing.

It's been a fun start to the weekend for 17 members of the Wirral Ancient Egypt Society who visited World Museum this morning. Blue gloved hands reached across tables to carefully pick up ancient Egyptian artefacts. It was great to see so many people enjoying coming up close with the physical remains of an ancient civilisation. The society is dedicated to the furtherance of the knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt and is open to all that share an interest in Egyptology.

The society has been a good supporter of Egyptology in Liverpool through their annual bursary which is awarded to a Liverpool University Egyptology postgraduate student each year. I was more than happy to give a lecture to the society about 3 significant artefacts of the collection and bring out 21 objects from our the reserve collection for a handling session. The reserve collection consists of the 15000 or so Egyptian artefacts that are in storage. Like most museums we do not have the room to display all our collections but by appointment the reserve collection is actively used for teaching and research by scholars from around the world.

The objects we looked at today varied from the hands and feet of stone carved statues from the royal city of Amarna (where Tutankhamun may have spent time as a child) through to small glazed figurines of gods once worn as amulets which offered protection to the owner. One particular object that caught everyone's attention was a tiny carved green stone figure of a frog, which I believe to be about 5000 years old, but I still have to do some more research to be sure!

To learn more about the Wirral Ancient Egypt Society please visit their website.