The Etruscans are here – online!

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What do false teeth, a terracotta uterus and a focolare have in common? They are all objects selected by Dr Gina Muskett, our Honorary Research Associate (Classical Antiquities), as part of the 50 highlights of the Villanovan and Etruscan collection of World Museum. Human teeth Human teeth are part of the World Museum Etruscan collection The Villanovans and Etruscans were among the people who lived in Central Italy just before the rise of the Romans, and had their own language and art. Did you know that The Villanovan and Etruscan collection in World Museum is recognised as one of the most representative outside Italy? There’s something for all tastes in the collection, whether your preference is for skilfully crafted gold jewellery, carved scarab seals made from translucent semi-precious stone, or a colourful burial urn made for an Etruscan woman named Larui Helesa. Still wondering what a focolare is? Find out here. Ear Ornament Pair of gold earrings If you'd like to explore the collection further, why not order the catalogue of the full collection, co-authored by Gina and Dr Jean Macintosh Turfa of Penn Museum in the USA from our online shop?