European Shark Week!

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Girl getting her face painted There's something fishy going on... it's shark week at World Museum! Here's Education Demonstrator Alyster Chapman to tell us more: It’s that time of year again when Europe celebrates European Shark Week. We will be having shark activities this weekend, 13-14 October, at World Museum.  From 11am-4pm in the Clore Natural History Centre, families will be able to get crafty with our shark-themed activities. Come along for the chance to take part with badge making, face painting and also design your own shark to add to our giant underwater mural! At 1pm and 3pm there will be an exclusive screening of the multi-award winning film 'Shark Water' (PG) in our Treasure House Theatre. This film is not only captivating, action packed and full of breathtaking underwater footage but has a truly inspirational message about shark conservation as well as a very charismatic presenter. These events run both days of the weekend and it's all free! Sharks often get a bad press. People tend to think of them as only man-eating, killing machines but sharks are amazing animals and hugely misunderstood. Sharks come in all shapes and sizes, the pigmy shark is the smallest, you could fit a full grown one on the palm of your hand. The biggest shark is the whale shark, they grow over 20 metres in length and are a gentle giant of the sea, feeding on tiny plankton in the water. Sharks were on the earth 400 million years ago, that’s before the dinosaurs! Luckily sharks are still here, for now. Shark numbers are declining though, with around 70 million sharks being slaughtered every year. Many are killed just for their fins, which are cut off and the dying animal is thrown back into the sea. This extremely cruel and wasteful process, known as shark finning, goes on to produce a delicacy called shark fin soup. Shark finning happens in this country as well as others, so this really is a local problem. We hope you will join in our celebration of sharks and see these creatures for what they are; amazing, fascinating, majestic, awesome animals.