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Work experience student carrying our administration work in office

Caitlin busy during her work experience.

Caitlin from Chesterfield High School is currently in the middle of her work experience at National Museums Liverpool. Below, Caitlin tells us what she has done so far… “My name is Caitlin, during my two week work experience I have been in many departments in National Museums Liverpool. I wanted to do my work experience here because I’m interested in history and wanted to see if a career in museums was for me. As well as learning new skills in the office, which will be useful for me in the future; I have taken part in meetings regarding upcoming exhibitions and spent a day in Decorative Arts, where I handled objects and witnessed the problems and work that goes into creating a new exhibition. One of my favourite days was spent in Oral History which I didn’t know much about before. I listened to interviews and recordings of peoples interesting life stories and wrote a summary sheet. With the new Museum of Liverpool about to open all hands were on deck and the office became a very exciting place! I have also added more knowledge to my history through oral history and meetings at the Maritime Museum. I have loved my time at National Museums Liverpool! Everyone’s been very welcoming and the whole experience has been exciting. I’d love to volunteer in the future and maybe have a career in museums.” School Work Experience placements are now fully subscribed, however if you are over 16 and interested in volunteering, find out more about volunteering with us