Exploring a fresh perspective

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Five Wirral schools have been selected to show their work in the biennial exhibition Fresh Perspectives at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. This unique opportunity allows local students a chance to display their work in a national gallery and enables our visitors to enjoy the work of the artists, makers, designers and creatives of the future. With the exhibition half way through it's run we thought we would take a closer look at the work and the views of the students and teachers from two of the schools involved. Year 10 students from Upton Hall School FCJ created a series of Pen Drawings and 3D bird sculptures for a project called Natural Forms - A Little Bird Told Me, a project encouraging the students to explore the effects of pollution on wildlife.  Mrs J Pell, Art teacher from the school explains: "Pupils were presented with taxidermy birds that we found hidden away in the school’s attic. The birds were dirty, dusty and forgotten until we rescued them and brought them back to life in these drawings" Year 13 students created 2D Mixed Media Dresses were heavily inspired by the Making Himself Claire: Grayson’s Perry Dresses exhibition at our sister gallery the Walker, in Liverpool.  Pupils visited the exhibition and were asked to design five dresses for Grayson Perry based on contemporary issues. They designed the dresses in a paper doll style, complete with paper tabs for dressing and undressing the paper doll cut out. We asked the year 12 students from Upton to tell us a little bit more about their work, their views on art, and what being involved the exhibition means to them: What inspired you to create this piece of work? "I was inspired by the idea that there is beauty in everything even random objects around the home. If you look further into everything you can see more colour, reflections and patterns than you realise at first glance. I wanted to represent this detail in my painting. " Grace Tragenza "We completed research of an artist named Lisa Milroy who created quirky paintings of random objects. I liked how even though the objects were normal everyday objects the end result painting from them looked really effective." Laura Jones How does it feel to be involved with this exhibition? "I feel privileged to have my work as part of this exhibition, alongside all of the other great work that will be in this gallery." Lucy Hutson "Being a part of this exhibition is an honour and a privilege as I’ve never done anything like this before. It allows me to showcase my proud work to a wider audience". Kathleen San Pedro The Singh Twins The Singh Twins Students from Bebington High School were also inspired by work they saw on a visit to the Walker Art Gallery, Slaves of Fashion, by local Wirral based artists The Singh Twins as student Holly Banks explains: "I was inspired by the Singh Twins Exhibition when I visited in the Walker Art Gallery. I was strongly inspired by the sense of identity that came through their work and I wanted to show this through my own piece. I like their style and how they're not afraid to express their likes/dislike and identity and where they come from." Another Bebington high student, Luke Male, tells us a bit more information about his intriguingly titled piece Dream a generation. "The title inspiration comes from the song 'Dream a little dream of me'. My inspiration came from my nephew, who is a creative genius! The characters in my art piece are everything children aspire to become. It feels amazing to be involved in the exhibition! My artwork is being seen by everyone! I'm genuinely grateful for my art being seen in such a wonderful gallery." The very talented students from Bebington high School helped us celebrate the opening of the exhibition with music acoustic guitarist Jamie Cartwright and a dance performance choreographed by the students taking themes and inspiration from the paintings. There is still two weeks left to come and see Fresh Perspectives: Art from Wirral schools, don’t forget to cast your vote for your favourite piece while you are there.