The facts about the Meols Viking boat

You may have noticed some reports in the media recently about the possible discovery of a Viking boat at Meols in the Wirral. There has been considerable interest in the story and our Field Archaeology Unit have had a lot of enquiries about it, so they have put together some helpful information for the website with a summary of the facts that are actually known about the discovery.

So if you have been wondering 'Has a Viking boat really been discovered in Meols?' then you need look no further for the answers you seek. It's also interesting to find out what happens when a possible discovery is made, how archaeologists go about investigating it and why sometimes the best way to protect a site is not to investigate it at all but to preserve it for the future.

If you want to see some actual Viking treasure then don't forget that the Huxley hoard of Viking silver is currently on display in the Magical History Tour exhibition at Meresyside Maritime Museum, before touring to other venues in the area.