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We’re super excited to announce that The Singh Twins will be exhibiting their new works Slaves of Fashion at the Walker Art Gallery, opening January 19 - 20 May. Exploring the history of Indian textiles, Empire, enslavement and luxury consumerism, and the contemporary relevance of these issues in the world today, the exhibition focuses on the relationship between Britain and India. Hidden details of Europe’s colonial past and its legacies are uncovered, including current debates around ethical trade and responsible consumerism. Paintings by The Singh TwinsLeft Indigo: The Colour of India                          Right The King is Dead: Long Live the King ©The Singh Twins: www.singhtwins.co.uk The series includes 11 digital fabric artworks displayed on lightboxes, with each one highlighting a different theme relating to India’s textile industry. A further nine paper artworks will explore the relationship between trade, conflict and consumerism in an age of Empire and the modern day. Also included in the exhibition are 40 highlights from over 100 objects across National Museums Liverpool’s collection, which have inspired the exhibition, including jewellery, dresses, ceramics, books, paintings, Indian textiles and embroidery. The Singh Twins said: “Issues around shared heritage and identity, which challenge generally accepted notions of cultural ownership and the perceived divide between East and West and past and present, have always been central to our art. Our aim for the ‘Slaves of Fashion’ series was to show how seemingly unrelated objects from different historical periods and cultures connect through the universal story of Indian textiles, and remain relevant to diverse, modern audiences”. Nicola Scott, Exhibition Curator, Art Galleries said: “This is an exciting collaboration. Through The Singh Twins taking inspiration from our objects, we’ve rediscovered our own collections and been able to interpret them in a new and unexpected way." The Singh Twins are British artists with an international reputation. They have each been awarded an MBE and an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Art in recognition of their unique contribution to contemporary art. For more information about The Singh Twins, visit www.singhtwins.co.uk and www.facebook.com/thesinghtwins.