Feel good Friday

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Two jovial ladies Feeling good at the House of Memories celebration It’s National Feel Good Day today and it really does feel like it with the sun out shining and that Friday feeling. The idea is to brighten up someone’s day by paying them a compliment, telling family and friends how great they are, or even smiling at a stranger. The campaign is being driven by a private cosmetic surgery, which causes me to raise an eyebrow, but regardless of the motivation behind it, it’s hard to find fault with the sentiment.  Through our House of Memories dementia awareness training programme, we know how important positive communication is for wellbeing. Taking time out to have a chat or doing something nice for someone can have a massive impact on self-esteem and quality of life. Just take a look at our House of Memories: A Celebration film for proof of the feel-good factor – the power of good company can be immense. While most of us are out enjoying the sunshine, vulnerable people such as some of those living with dementia or older people, may not be able to get out, or may not be coping well in the heat. So, in the spirit of National Feel Good Day, why not pop around and see someone you think could need a bit of cheering up? It’s how people feel on the inside, not the outside, that really counts.