Feeling Jazzy?

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As far as I’m concerned Sunday’s were made for lie-ins and Come Dine With Me marathons. But I know that is a pretty lame way to spend a weekend. So that is why I’m excited to hear that the Walker Art Gallery is hosting a live jazz event every first Sunday of the month between now and April.

Inspired by the art book Jazz in the new exhibition The Art Books of Henri Matisse visitors can enjoy old time traditional jazz performed live on gallery. 

This Sunday 6 November from 1-3pm you can hear Sidney Bailey’s No Good Punchin’ Clowns play. And if you can’t make it this weekend why not see if you can make the dates below...

4 December 2011 - Downtown Dixieland Band
8 January2012 - Martin Smith Quartet
5 February2012 - Sidney Bailey’s No Good Punchin’ Clowns
4 March 2012 - Martin Smith Quartet
1 April2012 - Downtown Dixieland Band

Three musicians play their instruments

Hear jazz trumpeter Martin Smith play on 8 January and 4 March 2012.