Film explores history of US enslaved women

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Dr Emily West filming outside the International Slavery Museum Dr Emily West filming outside the International Slavery Museum Dr Emily West, Department of History at the University of Reading wrote… "It was a pleasure to come to the International Slavery Museum to undertake some promotional filming on behalf of the Department of History at the University of Reading. I obtained my PhD from Liverpool University in 1997 and I also used to work part-time in Liverpool’s Maritime Museum so I was very excited about returning to the city and the museum itself! Under the guidance of Toby and Robbie from motion blurr studios we put together a short film based upon my research into the lives of enslaved women in the Southern United States, focusing specifically on female runaways. I really wanted to film in the International Slavery Museum because of its fantastic resources for exploring Atlantic slavery and the many ways in which enslaved people resisted their brutal oppression. Especially impressive is the section of the museum which depicts the horrors of the ‘middle passage’ – the horrendous transatlantic journey undertaken by those who had been captured as they made their way to the New World within cramped, unhygienic, and sickly conditions upon slave ships. It was also important for me to film in Liverpool because of its connections to slavery as a major port city, because cotton grown by enslaved people in the USA helped to create new global markets that fuelled the British industrial revolution. The museum also deals with some of the legacies of slavery and how it shaped our modern world in a compassionate and thought-provoking way." You can see Emily's film here.