A final look at a fresh perspective

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Sadly this weekend is your last chance to visit the fantastic Fresh Perspectives exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery which closes on Bank Holiday Monday, 6 May. GCSE and A-level students from five local secondary schools are exhibiting an inspirational array of artworks. Whether that’s a ceramic flamingo or an oil portrait, the level of talent on show this year is incredible. To mark the end of this vibrant exhibition students from Birkenhead School who created a series of print and collage pieces on the theme of travel, will be running a free family printing workshop on Saturday 4th May between 1-4pm in the Activity Rooms. Families are welcome to drop in and have a go and make their own artwork using maps and bird imagery. We spoke to the students from Birkenhead School and Calday Grange Grammar School to find out more about what inspired their work and how they felt to be taking part in the exhibition. “In class we looked at sculptor Emma Rogers and I was inspired by her beautiful animal sculptures - especially the birds. This was the inspiration for my piece of work.” Tasmin Lee The students from Calday Grange were inspired by a range of different themes and artists. “I wanted to explore the change in the presentation of the Virgin Mary throughout history by the likes of Giotto and Duccio, to modern artists like John Paul Gaultier.” Zoe Heimann Hugh Parker in the exhibition “I took inspiration from natural forms and the messages that they can convey. I was also inspired by the decorative quality of the Art Nouveau movement and the photography of Martin Gerlach.” Hugh Parker Students from both schools were really positive about the opportunity to take part in the exhibition; “It is a wonderful feeling being able to display my work within the gallery, it allows my work to be viewed by many and therefore help educate people about the impact that we are making on the planet.” Adam Howard Adam Howard's artworks feature in the exhibition - shown here on the top row “It feels jaw-dropping to realise that the public will lay their eyes on my work in such a historic and popular gallery, I really enjoy entertaining the public and breaking expectations.” Paulo Infante “It feels exciting because I’ve never had my work displayed before and it’s quite exciting to be part of an exhibition where people will see my work.” Micaela Murphy Remember where you saw these artists first and don't miss this exhibition of incredible local talent!