Find the time to draw

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Children drawing

Children at the National Conservation Centre's Big Draw event

Before I went on maternity leave and was not a little deluded about life with a newborn, I harbored dreams of spending blissful hours drawing my precious new baby, who would of course sleep peacefully throughout.

Having studied art at university I felt sure this would at last be my chance to dust off the easel and ease my way back into drawing again… afterall what else would I have to do?

Well my little girl is now 16 months old and I am still yet to as much as sharpen a pencil. However my time might have finally come as she has suddenly realised the potential of crayons. They no longer go straight into her mouth but instead she eyes the room looking for a suitable suface to make her mark. She has even started to shout/command/instruct “DRAW!” as soon as she has a suitable implement in her hand.

Her timing couldn’t be more perfect as we are right in the middle of Big Draw, the annual celebration of all aspects of drawing.

The Walker Art Gallery  has some fabulous displays of Big Draw inspired artwork already on show, but there is still space for more. If you want to take part and maybe have your work amongst the Rubens, Rembrandt and Rossettis then head to the gallery any weekend in October.

Events at the National Conservation Centre will definitely appeal to the more scientific-minded. Members of the Merseyside branch of the British Science Association will be on hand on the 17 and 24 October, to help explore the relationship between science and art. Using the centre’s equipment, a range of pictures and patterns from the microscopic to the telescopic, as well as live images, will provide exciting inspiration for all budding artists.

A free downloadable drawing pack is available and details of all Big Draw events at National Museums Liverpool are here .