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Blue fish with a yellow tail - 'Finding Dory' blog

A Regal Tang

If you've watched 'Finding Dory' at the weekend, then you might want to read on and find out more about the beautiful blue Regal Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) - which is the real life fish she's based on! 

We asked aquarist Alyster Chapman from our Aquarium, to tell us more about these stunning fish and why it's important to keep them in the wild:

"Dory’s a great character, she’s funny, loyal and compassionate. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Regal Tangs in general! They are pretty aggressive fish and can’t be kept in groups with the same species or else they will fight and end up doing major damage to each other. They are part of the Acanthuridae family, which includes other tangs, Surgeonfish and Unicornfish – who Regal Tangs also do not get on well with.

Cleaning one of the tanks

Alyster cleaning one of the tanks at the Aquarium!

"When you enjoy a fun film like 'Finding Nemo' or 'Finding Dory', it's often very tempting to want a Nemo or Dory of your own. But it’s important to do research about fish and who they can live with before going out and buying them."

There are plenty of good hobbyist websites and a decent fish supplier will be able to give you good thorough detailed instructions and advice. After 'Finding Nemo', wild populations of Clownfish plummeted as many people began buying wild-caught fish as pets. As aquarists we feel it's important to remind people that, even though they may have the best intentions, animals shouldn’t be taken from the wild.

Conservationists are now worried that people will want to keep Regal Tangs because of 'Finding Dory', but they are not good for home aquariums and cannot be bred in captivity. We have our own very happy Regal Tangs who enjoy lots of care and TLC in the Aquarium at World Museum , so why not come along and see a real life Dory for free! We’re open daily from 10am-5pm."

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