Finn-tastic opener for Museum of Liverpool

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Finn holding up a golden ticket in front of the museum

Dr David Fleming gave Finn O'Hare his golden ticket to the opening

With the opening of the Museum of Liverpool approaching there has been a lot of speculation about who will open it. Schoolboy Finn O'Hare from Mossley Hill took matters into his own hands by writing to the museum bosses.

Finn sent an audacious letter letter last year saying how excited he was to see the new museum taking shape. The Carleton House pupil then put himself forward for the job of opening the museum himself. He wrote:

“Dear Mr and Mrs in charge of the museum. My name is Finn O’Hare and I am nearly six. I am very excited about when the new museum will open. Please can I come to the opening ceremony? It will be great. I am good at opening things – Please can I open the museum?”

Director of National Museums Liverpool, Dr David Fleming, was so impressed by the youngster’s enthusiasm he thought it would be a brilliant idea for him to cut the ribbon to officially open the Museum of Liverpool on 19 July.

At the announcement this week he explained that as it is very much a museum of the people and thousands of Merseysiders have helped to create the galleries, Finn would be a perfect opener, as a local boy acting on behalf of all the people of the city.

Listen to an interview with Finn on Radio Merseyside, which is available online until Tuesday - he's at about 41 minutes 23 seconds into the broadcast.