First wedding

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 Phil & Ann's Wedding July 1960 Have you ever wondered who the first couple to be married in the crypt, the only part of Sir Edwin Lutyen’s design for Liverpool’s Catholic Cathedral that was ever built, were? It was Phil and Ann Fanning in 1960, a fact of which they were both very proud. One of their bridesmaids, Liz (Phil’s sister, aged 11), remembers that the dresses were made of white nylon, patterned with blue flowers. In the 1970's Ann and Phil moved to Hong Kong with their two sons where they spent 12 years. Sadly, Phil and Ann are no longer alive, but Liz knows that they would have been thrilled to see their names in the Cathedral of Dreams display in The People’s Republic gallery, Museum of Liverpool Liz still gets a kick out of showing the display to other people and saying "I was there!" Thanks to Liz Whitehead for the image and information