Fluffy the hamster RIP

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illustration of a hamster

How could anyone leave this cute little chap behind?

As the popular exhibition Shipwrecked closed last weekend, I've had a look at the statistics for the survival game from the exhibition website.

Designed to test people's survival instincts, the game asks you to choose which 5 items from a possible 20 you would take with you had to leave a sinking ship to swim to the safety of a desert island. Some of the items are extremely practical for surviving in the wild, but we also tugged at your heartstrings by including Fluffy the hamster on the list. Surely (or so we thought) nobody who looked into his big dark eyes could bear to leave him behind?

We obviously didn't count on how cold hearted and practical people could be in a survival situation. Out of 23,146 votes cast, only 2% of people voted to save poor Fluffy.

Pet lovers can take comfort in the fact that he wasn't the least popular item to save - only 1% of people voted to take the sweets, MP3 player, credit card, plastic bin bags, plastic bowl, the complete works of Shakespeare and the wristwatch. Some of those items are considerably more useful than a hamster on a desert island!

The exhibition may be closed, but you can still do the online activities, including the survival game, and learning semaphore on the Shipwrecked website. See if you can resist the hamster's charms.