Fond memories of Frankie Vaughan

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photo of a man in a terraced street

Frankie Vaughan. Copyright Liverpool Daily Post and Echo

Here's another photograph that didn't quite make it into the upcoming exhibition 'Liverpool people by Stephen Shakeshaft'. Over the course of his career at the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, Stephen met a huge number of celebrities. One that he remembers particularly fondly is the legendary Frankie Vaughan:

"Frankie Vaughan, also known as Mr Moonlight, was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Sometimes entertainers or celebs disappoint when meeting them but Frankie was genuine and he loved Liverpool. In my teenage years I sat watching my mother swoon as he sang 'Give Me The Moonlight' on television's Sunday Night at the London Palladium.

He was everything that a pinup should be and he still had that Frankie giggle all those years later when he gave me a lift in his gold Rolls Royce along Lord Street in Southport. I can still see the expressions on the holidaymakers' faces as they
watched open jawed as we pulled up at the traffic lights. Looking in they saw that the driver was Frankie Vaughan and on the back seat there was ME!

I had persuaded him to be photographed on the beach at Southport when he was starring in the Summer Show. He walked in the sandhills with his wife Stella and was moved to tears. He told me as a child he would visit the same beach from his Dingle home for his one day’s annual holiday with his parents.

This photograph was taken in 1998 shortly before he died. He was in Liverpool and wished to visit the streets of his childhood."