Free? That's music to our ears

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A man playing a trumpet, one playing the drums, another playing the piano

Jazz at the Walker - free on Sunday afternoons


I think we are all used to the concept of free museums and galleries and there’s nothing that my family likes better than a bit of free art and culture. The words ‘free entry’ are music to my husband’s ears. He doesn’t like to pay for anything that he doesn’t have to and is, by his own admission, ‘tighter than Rambo’s headband’ which I think is fair enough in these frugal times. I have just been looking at the possibility of a summer visit to Cadbury’s World which will cost just short of £40 for the two adults and one paying child, so we may well be hunting down free museums and galleries instead. Not that we won't fork out for special occasions - but there's a long summer holiday ahead that's a lot of days to keep little people entertained!

The one thing that we don’t begrudge paying for is live music. Whether it’s a local band or blockbuster tour, there’s generally a cost associated and I am more than happy to put my hand in my pocket - particularly for struggling musicians and bands starting out. Anyway this weekend we are lucky to have not just one, but two bands playing for free on William Brown Street. At World Museum on Saturday 18th July (1.30pm and 3pm) there will be live music in the atrium from The Nile Band as part of the Arabic Weekender. Then on Sunday up the road in the art gallery there will be another of our Jazz at the Walkersessions. This week it is the turn of the Tony Judge Quartet from 12.30-3pm. (And by the way, if you’re a jazz lover then don’t miss a special guest session on Sunday 2 August featuring The Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band).

So it looks like it will be a weekend of entertainment on the cheap for me – topped off on Saturday by a trip to see some of my colleagues (including at least two blog writers who shall remain nameless) dangling from the Liver Building for the ‘Liverpool Rocks’ abseiling event. If you want to know which ones they are, turn up at 3pm and just think Rambo’s headband – therein lies a visual clue.