A friendship was forged and history was made.

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Stage St. Peter's Church Hall stage Sometimes there is no mistaking which objects belong in a museum’s collection. The object may not be particularly old. It needn’t be ornate or fragile. It might look to anyone else like a very ordinary thing. But if it tells a story, that’s interesting. If it tells a story which has repercussions across the world, that is very interesting. On 6 July 1957 John Lennon met Paul McCartney at the side of St. Peter’s Church Hall stage. In the words of John:
"That day was the day that I met Paul. The day it all started moving."
That stage where it all began was acquired by National Museums Liverpool in 2005. It is now on display in Museum of Liverpool in the Beatles show; an immersive space which takes visitors on a journey, starting on a humble church stage and ending with a musical and cultural revolution, which continues to reverberate across the world. So, as the city starts seven days of twisting and shouting for International Beatleweek Festival, why not take a moment to see where, 59 years ago, a friendship was forged and history was made. National Museums Liverpool is 30 this year and to celebrate we have made a timeline of just some of the key objects and moments in our history. For me the St Peter’s Church Hall stage is perhaps the most iconic. Take a look here and see if you agree.